Red Knights Motorcycle Club
Long Island Chapter

Membership Requirements

  • All members must own or have access to a
    street legal motorcycle and must be fully
    licensed to ride.

  • Social Members may be the spouse, or significant other partner of an Active or Associate

  • Members must be in
    good standing in any fire department, paid or volunteer, or industrial
    firefighters, active, retired or disabled. 

  • Honorary
    members may be any person actively supporting the Chapter in the community,
    or as a Special Honorary Member, a Chaplain. Honorary membership may not
    exceed 10% of the Active membership.  

Submit contact information here;

    First Name
    Last Name
    Middle Initial
    (optional) Suffix
    Street Address
    Zip/Postal Code
    Home Phone
    Fire Department
    Chief's Name
    Department Phone

    These fields may be left blank.  Membership will be conditional upon
    furnishing proof of License, and a vote of the membership at a general meeting.


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