Red Knights Motorcycle Club
Long Island Chapter

Membership Requirements

  • All new members must own or have access to a
    street legal motorcycle and must be fully
    licensed to ride. An Active member who can no longer ride a motorcycle may retain their Active status.

  • Social Members may be the spouse, or significant other partner of an Active or Associate

  • Active Membership shall be available to past or present Fire Fighting Personnel of a established Fire Department, which is under the command of a Fire Chief or Public Service Director whether they are Career, Industrial, Military, On Call, Part Paid, Volunteer or Wildland. EMT’s and Medics are eligible to be members if they are employed by an established Fire Department. Active Members may belong to multiple chapters. They must pay the same dues as other members of each chapter. If they hold an Officer Position in any chapter that shall be considered their Home Chapter.

  • Honorary
    members may be any person actively supporting the Chapter in the community,
    or as a Special Honorary Member, a Chaplain. Honorary membership may not
    exceed 10% of the Active membership.  

Submit contact information here;

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    Last Name
    Middle Initial
    (optional) Suffix
    Street Address
    Zip/Postal Code
    Home Phone
    Fire Department
    Chief's Name
    Department Phone

    These fields may be left blank.  Membership will be conditional upon
    furnishing proof of License, and a vote of the membership at a general meeting. Please email our President at after you complete your application and let him know the application was sent along with your name and a good contact number to contact you. Thank you

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